In a first for local politics, Broward Republican Party Chairman Robert Sutton will deliver a live statement to members of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC). The statement will be streamed live on the LauderdaleToday website as well as Youtube and Facebook LIVE. The statement is scheduled for tonight, Monday September 4th at 8:00PM.
Broward State Committeeman Richard DeNapoli, right, is all smiles with BREC Secretary Rupert Tarsey at recent event they hosted together. Courtesy Anthony Man, South Florida Sun-Sentinel
US Congressional candidate Joe Kaufman, on left, is all smiles with BREC Secretary Rupert Tarsey at recent event they hosted together.

Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. As the Security and Investigative Arm of the Broward Republican Party aka BREC…My position of Senior Sgt at Arms is a volunteer appointed role by the Chairman of the Party. No no can remove me…I answer to the Chairman not the BREC BOARD or the Membership. When it is discovered that a civil or criminal act has taken place by a Boardmember or Committee Member, it is my duty to investigate such and report same to the Chairman. Safety has always been a concern for all members of BREC and over the years it has become a major issue for the team of Sgt at Arms.


    1. You stand by and watch as people are harassed, accosted, and intimidated at BREC meetings. You should not be the sergeant at arms and I EXPECT THAT YOU WILL RESIGN THE POSITION SOON.


    2. Bennett. You are nothing more than an egotistical pompous attention seeking trouble maker. And just a reminder. You claim to have resigned that position, I believed Sutton fired you. And should you accost me at BREC, I’ll have the real SGT Of ARMS. throw you out


      1. David…David….did I not ask you to just walk away from Tom…you want me to post that part of the video and audio? You need to resign David, you are an embarrassment to us real Republicans! Maybe you and Rupert can start a club…just the two of you! As for Frances Prada….sounds more like Ruperts wife!! What a joke…


      2. Ben…You, Bob, and Jay have been telling me to walk away from Tom. But you all should have been telling Tom not to harass and assault people. You are so arrogant that you think you could get away with abusing people forever, and that they would all run away. But I am not running away. If the abuse continues, which it would have to, since thugs like you enjoy it too much to stop, then there will be legal consequences. But at least you already know how to adapt to life in prison.


    1. Sutton is heard talking after 4 minutes and 20 seconds. You can advance the time with the cursor.


  2. I just got this email and wanted to see the video but I can’t find it on here. Whoever runs this site, which is a great idea, please upload video so we who couldn’t attend last night can view.


  3. Ben…you are a felon who abets thuggery. Maybe that is your definition of Republican. But it is not the sane person’s definition. Your days in BREC will soon be at an end. Real Republicans will grow tired of your criminality. And then you will have to find other people to abuse in some other venue.


  4. All these people trashing BREC, i do not remember any of the names ever moving a finger to do do anything to help. Just disgraceful. Run for a position and show the rest of the Members what you can accomplish, then bitch.


  5. Linda Polsney….maybe you think that those who have been assaulted and intimidated at BREC meeting should cower in silence or run away. Maybe you actually believe that.


  6. Anyone who believes that the victims of Bob Sutton’s thuggery should run away and cower in silence are part of the problem with BREC.


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