“Black Judges Matter” Endorsement Cards Hit Broward Early Voting Sites

“Black Judges Matter”

The “Black Judges Matter” endorsement card is the latest shady campaign ploy being used in Broward county. REDBROWARD obtained this card from a campaign surrogate at the West Regional Library in Plantation. 

It’s full of misspelled names. And it has the slightest whiff of domestic salami.

In other “fake” endorsement card news… REDBROWARD received reports that a representative of Jim Fondo’s ill-fated campaign for sheriff got into a heated argument with another campaign surrogate for passing out Dan Lewis’ “fake” blue endorsement card. Lewis’ card started hitting mailboxes on Friday.

3 thoughts on ““Black Judges Matter” Endorsement Cards Hit Broward Early Voting Sites

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    No respectable Civil Rights or African- American organization has is or would do anything EVEN CLOSE to this garbage


  2. Joe Goldner

    ALL LIVES MATTER and everyone must vote the opposite of what these cards say to show that all lives matter. This is coming from the racist democratic party who in reality keep the black community down just for a vote!



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