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Fake Jules: Broward Sheriff Candidate Makes Phony Card Even More Fake

Edison Jules, the International Man Of Mystery running for Broward Sheriff, has done the impossible. Jules made the phony “Black Judges Matter” endorsement card even more fake. On Thursday morning at the Broward Supervisor of Elections polling place, a Jules campaign worker handed this reporter a Jules business card and the “Black Judges Matter” card.

Last Sunday, REDBROWARD exposed  how the mysterious card was being handed out in Plantation by the Jim Fondo campaign. (Fondo and Jules are trying to unseat Broward Sheriff Scott Israel.) The card has an address but the person or group behind the card is not named.

On the original card, Israel and Willie Jones received the co-endorsement in the Democratic primary. 

The card handed out by the Jules team has a simple label with Jules’ picture and name covering the original choices. Not exactly high-tech stuff.

Did the “Black Judges Matter” group change their minds over a platter of salami sandwiches?


Jules is known for games, mysteries and fabrications. Yesterday, the Sun-Sentinel reported the sketchy Caribbean News Net website claimed Jules was leading in the polls.

Over the last year, REDBROWARD documented Jules’ many amateur moves. This label is just his latest and most desperate.

“Black Judges Matter” Endorsement Cards Hit Broward Early Voting Sites

“Black Judges Matter”

The “Black Judges Matter” endorsement card is the latest shady campaign ploy being used in Broward county. REDBROWARD obtained this card from a campaign surrogate at the West Regional Library in Plantation. 

It’s full of misspelled names. And it has the slightest whiff of domestic salami.

In other “fake” endorsement card news… REDBROWARD received reports that a representative of Jim Fondo’s ill-fated campaign for sheriff got into a heated argument with another campaign surrogate for passing out Dan Lewis’ “fake” blue endorsement card. Lewis’ card started hitting mailboxes on Friday.