(VIDEO) Roger Stone On Angry Trump & Bernie Voters

Best-selling author Roger Stone kicked off his latest book tour in Hollywood this week. In “Jeb And The Bush Crime Family,” Stone and co-author Saint John Hunt, son of E. Howard Hunt, share scandals from the family of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. However, Tuesday’s Libertarian Party meeting heard Stone tell the juiciest stories about the subjects of his last best seller–Bill and Hillary Clinton.

As a seasoned political consultant, Stone gave his opinion on the appeal of Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders. In this clip from Bleeple TV, Stone claims supporters of both men are tired of crony capitalism, Wall Street shenanigans and big government.

Here’s the press release for Stone’s newest book:


Contact: Jen Hobbs, Publicist

Email / 845-863-6448

With Jeb struggling for a break-through in the 2016 Presidential primaries a long time Republican operative and New York Times Best Selling Author comes forward with a deconstruction of Jeb Bush and his family of elitism, privilege and crime. Jeb and the Bush Crime Family is the book that smashes through the layers of lies and secrecy that has surrounded and protected our country’s very own political dynasty and exposes the stunning truth about Jeb. 
This is the inside story of Jeb’s world of privilege, elitism, plunder, enrichment, fraud, drugs, intelligence connections, shady business deals and self dealing as Governor but it’s also the inside story of the entire Bush clan and their dark dealings.
New York Times bestselling author and legendary political insider, Roger Stone lashes out with a blistering indictment that exposes the true history and monumental hypocrisy of the Bushes. In his usual “go for the jugular” style, Stone collaborates with Saint John Hunt—author, musician, and son of legendary CIA operative E. Howard Hunt—to make this a “no-holds-barred” history of Jeb and the entire the Bush family.
Jeb and the Bush Crime Family refutes the air-brushing of the real George “Poppy” Bush by his authorized biographer Jon Meacham and the “quickie” bio of Bush 41 by Bush 43, put out to help Jeb ascend. “These books whitewash the true Bush record of crime, drugs, adultery, and a ruthless pursuit of power” said Stone, a veteran of nine national Republican Presidential Campaigns from Nixon to Reagan to Donald J. Trump
Stone’s expose on the Bushs reveal Jeb to be a smug, entitled autocrat who both uses and hides behind his famous name as he mingles with international drug peddlers and Wall Street titans. He shows how Jeb:
Received a $4 million taxpayer personal bailout when his daddy was Vice President.


Used his Governorship to line his pockets with signing bonuses when he joined Lehman Brothers afters delivering the contract.


Used his insider status to make millions from Obamacare and Obamaphones.


Defrauded an S&L for $3.85M and took a half million in fees from a ponzi-scheme that was also paying the Clintons millions and refused to give them back when the scheme collapsed.


Attacked Donald Trump for the use of eminent Domain but used eminent domain himself to seize the land of a disabled vet.


Avoided criminal prosecution on a fraudulent Federal loan.


Hypocritically supports the War on Drugs, despite his own shocking drug dealing and drug use history.

After detailing the vast litany of Jeb’s misdeeds, Stone travels back to Samuel, Prescott, George H. W., and George W. Bush to weave an epic story of privilege, greed, corruption, drug profiteering plus much more about the Bush Crime Family – including the criminal misdeeds of President George W. Bush, brother Neil Bush, George H.W. Bush, and family patriarchs Samuel and Prescott Bush. It’s a epic tale of an epic story of privilege, greed, corruption, drug profiteering, assassination, lies and war. 
Jeb and the Bush Crime Family is the book that pulls the curtain back on this political dynasty. It’s a stunning true story of old school ties, ambition, oil, S&L fraud, Saudi influence, drug trafficking, adultery, assassination, 9/11 war and power politics –
Jeb and the Bush Crime Family will have you asking, “Why aren’t these people in prison?”
Roger Stone is a seasoned political operative and pundit. A veteran of nine national presidential campaigns, he served as a senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents before leaving the GOP for the Libertarian Party. He is author of the New York Times bestseller The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ and has written for Fox Opinion, Breitbart News, StoneZone.com, the Daily Caller and the Op-Ed page of the New York Times. A well-known voice in politics for over forty years, Roger Stone often gives insights on behind-the-scenes political agendas on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC. He lives in South Florida.
Saint John Hunt, author, musician, and son of legendary CIA operative E Howard Hunt is the author of Bond of Secrecy: My Life with CIA Spy and Watergate Conspirator E. Howard Hunt and Dorothy, “An Amoral and Dangerous Woman”: The Murder of E. Howard Hunt’s Wife – Watergate’s Darkest Secret. He resides in South Florida.

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  1. Joe Goldner

    Hey Red Broward , please come this evening at a Ted Cruz meet and greet event Broward County Cruz Crew event, meet the leadership of the Ted Cruz for President campaign here in Broward County. the event will be located at Romeus Cuban Rest. 6800 Dykes Rd Davie Fl. 33331 . You could interview all the people there, I will be there as one of the leaders, we expecting around 40 people to as much as 60 or more. We will have speakers, plus their is a buffet with drinks provided by the Restaurant for the cover charge of 16 dollars everything is included . I hope to see you there



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