The Women of Color Empowerment Conference is actively seeking candidates for the 2016 election. On its South Florida Women of Color social media accounts, the group writes, “Have you ever thought about running for public office but not sure what to do next? Join us for the 2015 Women of Color Empowerment Conference. Hear from a panel of diverse leaders who can serve as guides on your pathway to success. Register today at”

It costs $75 to attend the conference. If you do sign up online, you are redirected to a PayPal account page for “Bees Worldwide LLC,” a company managed by Broward Supervisor of Elections attorney Burnadette Norris Weeks. The conference is the brainchild of Norris Weeks. Her boss, Dr. Brenda Snipes serves on the board for the group.

As REDBROWARD reported yesterday, Snipes has attended the conference since 2011. Snipes has served on panels with politicos such as Congressman Alcee Hastings and Broward County Administrator Bertha Henry.

Last week Snipes seemed unaware of Norris Weeks partisan political activities. But Facebook is filled with conference photos showing Snipes in same room with Alcee Hastings, Hazelle Rogers, and Dale Holness.

Why is Norris Weeks seeking candidates? Will Snipes serve as a guide on their pathway to success?

Voters deserve answers. Instead, Snipes and Norris Weeks attack questioners as bullies and racists.

Shame on them.