Richard DeNapoli Campaign Newsletter Sent To Broward Republican Committee Email List?

An email touting the campaign of former Broward Republican Executive Committee Chairman Richard DeNapoli appears to have used an official email list of BREC members. Entitled “Making It Happen,” the email offers the basic information regarding DeNapoli’s bid for the Florida House District 74 seat. DeNapoli wrote, “I am very excited to launch our campaign for the State House. I also know that I would not be doing this without the support and encouragement of so many of you receiving this email.”

Ay there’s the rub. It appears as though the recipients are members of the “BREC SCRUBBED” email list. As is standard with most mass email programs, the email includes an “unsubscribe” option. When you click “unsubscribe” your browser is directed to a page entitled “BREC SCRUBBED.” The page gives the recipient several reasons to choose for unsubcribing.

If you click the “Update Subscription Preferences” button, you are redirected to another page titled “BREC SCRUBBED.”

So what? Who Cares?

Well, at the last meeting of the Broward Republican Executive Committee, a staunch supporter of DeNapoli demanded severe penalties be enacted for unauthorized use of the BREC email list. The motion was directed at BREC Secretary Cara Pavalock for emailing friends regarding a recent newspaper item. Pavalock never used the BREC email list.

Talk about hypocrisy!

Tom Truex would not allow the motion to be heard due to the lack of quorum.

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