warnighermanAnother Broward Democrat candidate has purchased a bulletproof vest with campaign funds. Scott Herman, Democrat candidate for the Florida House of Representatives District 93, spent more than $500 on a protective vest from Federal Eastern International of St. Petersburg. Campaign records filed with the Florida Division of Elections show the Herman campaign bought the vest on May 7, 2013.

Last week, DAILY BROWARD reported Broward County Commission candidate Christopher Warnig listed a $255.44 expenditure for “protective apparel.” The pricey garment was purchased from NATMIL, one of Van Buren, Arkansas’ finest establishments. NATMIL (a.k.a National Military Armament, LLC) specializes in small weapons and bulletproof vests.

Mr. Warnig was arrested in 2011 for allegedly stopping three female motorists in Benton, Pennsylvania.

In February 2013, Warnig was arrested for falsely impersonating a police office by Wilton Manors Police. He was charged with possession of a handcuff key and unlawful use of police badges, as well.

Do Warnig and Herman know something the rest of us don’t? Have they received threats? Is there a connection between the two men?

Hey, this is Broward County, of course there is a connection.

Until Warnig filed his dubious bid to challenge Ken Keechl, he was the senior campaign aide for the Scott Herman campaign.