Rico Petrocelli & Robert Levy Co-Hosted Plantation Party Behind State Ethics Charge

Plantation Councilman Robert “Doc Bob” Levy co-hosted the Controversial 2007 “holiday party” which lead to State Ethics charges against Broward GOP chairman Rico Petrocelli (P.I.). Documents from the Florida Commission On Ethics show Petrocelli admitted violating Florida Statutes “by soliciting donations from individuals or entities that lobbied the Plantation City Council.” Petrocelli admitted he accepted these donations and failed to report them.

A State investigator’s report shows Petrocelli contacted representatives from FP&L, Waste Management, Johnson Controls and Greenberg Traurig seeking donations for his holiday party. These companies each made $500 contributions to the Plantation Athletic League (PAL). Each company had business before the Plantation City Council. Petrocelli solicited monies from 5 others as well. The State report shows PAL then issued checks in similar amounts to Petrocelli.

An internal PAL ad hoc committee investigation found the party was not a PAL sanctioned event. “Said party was permitted by Councilmen Levy and Petrocelli. The permit was not obtained by PAL.” The PAL investigation found no mention or sanction of the party in its minutes. The chairman of the ad hoc committee “confirmed that PAL accepted donations that were specifically made to fund (Petrocelli’s) party.”

When interviewed by ethics invesigators, Doc Bob Levy admitted to hosting the party. Levy said he reserved Deicke Auditorium and paid the $500 rental fee. Levy said he had co-hosted the 2005 and 2006 parties as well. Levy said he was unaware Petrocelli had solicited funds for the party.

The State report includes an advertisment for the party. The flyer states “HOSTED BY Plantation Councilman Rico Petrocelli & Camille Petrocelli and Council President Bob Levy”. There is no mention of PAL. However it does mention those interested in “Sponsorship” opportunities should contacted Rico.

As reported earlier this week, Rico Petrocelli shocked the Broward GOP by endorsing Doc Bob Levy. Maybe he knows he has great party planning skills?

Rico Peteocelli and Doctor Robert Levy hosted Plantation party

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