Richard DeNapoli, chairman of The Broward Republican Executive Committee, is determined to make a difference in November General Election. DeNapoli has spearheaded a first of its kind program to contact Republican voters all across Broward. In years past, individual Precinct committee persons were counted on to contact voters in their precincts. Most members wrote voting recommendation letters or made phone calls to neighbors. This grassroots approach was only as good as the individual precinct captain.

This year, DeNapoli, assisted by BREC Vice Chair Colleen Stolberg and BREC Treasurer Mark McCarthy, took the grassroots approach to a new level. The BREC board and dozens of volunteers produced voting guides tailored to individual cities and precincts. The committeemen and women were asked to help defray the postage.

DeNapoli said a test-run in the August primary proved the effectiveness of this method.

This Herculean effort resulted in over 90,0000 Republicans receiving Republican voting guides. For the first time entire cities and districts were contacted by the Broward GOP.