Over at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Brittany Wallman just posted a story about Ilene Lieberman (D-Mango) and her six cats. What are they names? Get ready: Duke Ellington Michelson, Ella Fitzgerald Michelson, Jackie Wilson Michelson, Ringo Starr Michelson, Jimmy Dorsey Michelson, Jessica Michelson.

It gets better. Apparently, Ilene has a room dedicated to her cats, “Lieberman and her husband, Stuart Michelson, have a cat room in their house, with a special staircase for the cats to climb on, and a bunk bed, as well.”

And even better, Lieberman brags to Wallman, “‘At one point, we had 12 feral cats that we adopted,'”.

What’s next? A peek inside Ilene’s Mango cave complete with monitors to observe those dastardly mango thieves? We can only hope.