Enjoy these pics from the March 2012 Black Heritage and Women’s History Program from TAYST Magazine. The festivities, held in Deerfield Beach, featured a grand appearance from disgraced Broward Democrat politician Sylvia Poitier. Lots of Broward politicians and judicial candidates were on hand to kiss Poitier’s ring. Guess they didn’t hear a Broward jury convicted Poitier on several criminal charges back in November 2011. It made all the papers and even the television news.

Perhaps they don’t really care about pesky things like public corruption? Maybe they heard Sylvia and her courthouse bodyguard Terry Scott can help win precincts in Deerfield Beach?

One judicial candidate bowing at the Poitier altar is Julie Shapiro Harris. Julie should know all political scuttlebutt; She’s married to Democrat political operative Barry Harris. You remember Barry Harris.

(According to court documents, Barry Harris created the 527 committee at the heart of the Beth Talabisco case. The Chait family filled the 527 with cash so Talabisco could be mayor of Tamarac. The same court records say Broward Commissioner Ilene Lieberman and her trusted aide, Bev Stracher, were consulted about the committee.)

Other Broward politicos on hand included Broward State Attorney Mike Satz, Broward Clerk of Courts Howard Forman, Broward Sheriff’s candidates Louis Granteed and Scott Israel, FL State Rep. Gwyn Clarke Reed, Tamarac commissioner Diane Glasser and Broward School Board member Robin Bartleman. Two other judge wannabes, Rhoda Sokoloff and Robert “Bob” Nichols said “cheese” with Poitier.

Maybe we should buy these folks a subscription to the Sun-Sentinel…

Somewhere Chaz Stevens is weeping.




(photos from Tayst Magazine via Facebook)