Broward Booby Prize: Local Strip Joints Fund Stacy Ritter Campaign

We’re not sure if it was in singles, but in March two local strip clubs gave big campaign contributions to Broward Commissioner Stay Ritter’s re-election campaign. On March 12, 2012, P.T.G Entertainment Inc of Pompano Beach, better known as “THE BOOBY TRAP”, gave Ms. Ritter a $500.00 contribution. On that same day, Faneuil Entertainment Inc, Broward Democrats know them better as CHEETAH III, gave Ritter another $500.00. Let’s hope the folks at King’s Point in Tamarac get a discount on lap dances.

FYI: The Booby Trap’s slogan is “More Fun Fewer Rules!” Maybe Nikki Grossman and her tourism team can make that our new motto? Maybe Ritter will bring The Booby Trap to Parkland and Tamarac? Jobs, jobs, jobs, right?

See U There!

Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter

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