Many thought the Nicolette Sheridan mistrial was yesterday’s big news in “Desperate Housewives” land. Oh no, the really big news was Eva Longoria’s dinner with Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D-Out Of Touch) and five unlucky winners. A contest, held on barackobama.com, promised five Obama supporters a dinner with Longoria plus airfare and hotel. It appears as though DWS crashed the party.

Must be nice to party with the 1%. The folks in her district rarely dine with television superstars, unless you count the occasional Joe Rose sighting at The Quarterdeck in Davie. Why does Debbie focus on Hollywood California instead of Hollywood Florida? Ah, that’s right…she takes us for granted. Typical out of touch, elitist Broward Democrat thinking.

Only in Broward…