Abby Freedman & Scott Israel Campaign Guru Behind Parkland Mailer?


Parkland residents are getting mailers from “Floridians For Accountability” regarding Parkland Charter Amendment 1. If the amendment passes, any openings on the Parkland Commission would be filled by appointment instead of an election. That’s right, Michael Udine and Jared Moskowitz would pick a new commissioner instead of voters.

Floridians For Accountability is an electioneering communications organization (ECO) created by Amy Rose. Loyal readers will recall Ms. Rose is the “brains” behind Broward School Board candidate Abby Freedman (D-Money Pit) and Broward Sheriff wannabe Scott Israel (D-Republican). The address on the ECO mailer is the same as the Rose residence in Coral Springs, Florida. It shares the same address as Ms Rose’s “Win On The Ground” consulting firm.

One small problem. Floridians For Accountabilty isn’t following the rules. The ECO has failed to submit required audits and paperwork to the State of Florida. Last week, The State sent a nasty letter to Rose stating she had 14 days to answer otherwise the matter would be referred to the Florida Elections Committee for further action.

By failing to submit records, no one knows who really paid for these Parkland mailers. What else is Floridians For Accountability funding?

Why has Amy Rose ignored multiple requests and letters from the State of Florida?

Is some dastardly evil-doer using the ECO without her permission?

Amy Rose should answer the State and address these serious concerns, right?

First, missing signs, robocalls, phony endorsements, Twitter and Facebook smear campaigns and now this?

Why does all this controversy surround the Freedman and Israel campaigns?

Maybe even Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) regrets making them part of Team Stacy Ritter?