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Edison Jules business card

Edison Jules business card

“Mystery Man” Edison Jules remains unknown to local voters, even though his campaign for Broward Sheriff is not his first foray into electoral politics. A REDBROWARD investigation found Jules played a major role in the recent Haitian Presidential elections. Serving as the senior political adviser for a Presidential candidate, sources said Jules was tapped to be a potential vice presidential candidate.

REDBROWARD obtained Jules’ business card he used as the “Chief Political Advisor” for Willy Duchene. In July, Haitian officials removed Duchene from the ballot. The officials claimed Duchene never renounced his U.S. citizenship. They determined Duchene voted in an American election in 1995. “‘Having had information that Mr. Duchene lied, we had set to investigate his case for a long time until confirmed,’ said the electoral councilor Marie Carmelle Austin Paul, contacted by the newspaper and did not reveal the source who put a flea in their ear.'”

According to two sources, it was Edison Jules who put a “flea in their ear.” The sources told REDBROWARD Duchene and Jules had a “falling out.” Both sources said Jules wanted to be Duchene’s “vice-president.”

When contacted by REDBROWARD, Duchene denied Jules played any role in his removal from the election. “Jules is a great guy,” Duchene said. “I grew up with his father in Haiti.” Duchene stated Jules was his senior political adviser. “He helped me speak to the people. He wrote for me.” Duchene said Jules was never going to be his vice-president. He said Jules left the campaign to run for Broward Sheriff.

Duchene confirmed Jules still lives at his Sunrise home. Last May, REDBROWARD exposed Jules’ residency games.

On January 27, 2015, Edison Jules registered to vote in Broward County as a Democrat. Jules listed a Plantation apartment at 1600 SW 78th Avenue as his mailing address. Jules stated he lived at 11701 NW 29th Street in Sunrise. According to the Broward Property Appraiser, this Sunrise home is owned by Willy Duchene.

When REDBROWARD visited, no one answered the door but dogs were barking.

A neighbor told REDBROWARD that several people have lived there over the last six months. The neighbor said he believes “A Mayor from Jamaica” lives there.

Duchene said Jules still lives at the Sunrise home. “Sometimes he goes off to sleep with his girlfriend, but he still lives here.”

Despite all the questions and controversies, Jules is still challenging Broward Sheriff Scott Israel for the Democrat nomination.