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Broward Booby Prize: The Judicial Candidate, Busty Waitresses & The Political Pimp

It’s only Monday, but Broward judicial candidate Lea Krauss already won this week’s booby prize. As first reported by BrowardBeat.com, Krauss was forced to cancel a fundraiser at The Tilted Kilt, a new Fort Lauderdale “breastaurant.” The downtown Fort Lauderdale eatery features good food, cold beer and young waitresses in short skirts that would never be mistaken for a kilt.

REDBROWARD learned local Democrat activists were planning to ask Krauss why she would hold a political event at an establishment which displays scantily clad females. Krauss quickly cancelled the Tilted Kilt affair and moved her event to a Las Olas pizza place.

Even more embarrassing, Krauss continues to have Broward’s “political pimp” on her host committee. Vicente Thrower is listed on the invitation for both events. Thrower has a very checkered recent past in Broward politics.

Last month, REDBROWARD revealed Thrower wants Pompano Beach taxpayers to pay his astronomical legal fees he incurred while fighting corruption charges. Thrower’s attorney convinced jurors that he was not guilty because he was not a public official.

Now, Thrower claims he should have his bills paid because he was a public official.

REDBROWARD shared Thrower’s sworn statement to the Broward State Attorney detailing the actions of politicians and the nortorious Chait father/son team.

Krauss’ boneheaded moves come as her consultant, Ashley Walker, pushed hard to raise support for her campaign.