Broward Lawyer Mocks Ilene Lieberman’s “Mickey Mouse” Legal Arguments

Even though she touts her “valedictorian” days at Nova Law School, Ilene Lieberman (D-Mango) was clearly outclassed by her legal opponents at yesterday’s hearing in the ongoing Guma Aguiar case. Ilene and hubby Stu Michelson represent the missing millionaire’s mother Ellen Aguiar. Broward legal eagle William Scherer represents Guma Aguiar’s wife, Jamie. Thomas Panza and […]

(Not So Full) Disclosure:Broward Edition

When Ilene Lieberman (D-Meow) met with the Sun-Sentinel editorial folks this afternoon the whole Guma Aguiar issue came up. Lieberman represents Aguiar’s mother. Judge Speiser named Thomas Panza as conservator of Aguiar’s holdings. Panza gave Lieberman $500 big ones on June 14th. According to a source, the conversation at the sun-Sentinel went like this: Q: […]

Conservator of Guma Aguiar Assets Gave Ilene Lieberman Campaign Cash

Thomas Panza, named as conservator of the assets of missing Fort Lauderdale millionaire Guma Aguiar, gave Ilene Lieberman a $500 contribution on June 14th, 2012. So what? Ilene Lieberman is the attorney for Guma Aguiar’s mother. Maybe Ken Jenne recommended Panza? Did Lieberman or Panza reveal this tidbit to Judge Speiser or Bill Scherer or […]