Even though she touts her “valedictorian” days at Nova Law School, Ilene Lieberman (D-Mango) was clearly outclassed by her legal opponents at yesterday’s hearing in the ongoing Guma Aguiar case. Ilene and hubby Stu Michelson represent the missing millionaire’s mother Ellen Aguiar. Broward legal eagle William Scherer represents Guma Aguiar’s wife, Jamie. Thomas Panza and Jack Seiler are the court appointed conservators.

Ilene must have been up late looking for mango thieves because she was clearly unprepared for court. She claimed she had not seen documents which had been published on July 3. She asked for evidentiary hearings so often that Judge Mark Speiser had to scold her saying there isn’t enough time to hold hearings into every matter before the court.

Lieberman seemed determined to get the court to follow “Israeli law” in order to help her client’s case. Scherer questioned whether Ellen Aguiar even has standing to be in court and demanded Lieberman prove it several times. At one point Scherer characterized Lieberman’s legal arguments as “Mickey Mouse”.

Doubt we will see that quote on the Lieberman for County Judge website. But don’t worry, Lieberman’s 47 cats say there is nothing “Mickey Mouse” about her.