Broward “Awake The State” Rally Is A Snoozefest

The fine grassroots folks behind “Awake The State” targeted November 1 as a day for statewide rallies proving that Floridians were mad as hell. Who is “Awake The State”? Their website claims: “Awake The State is an organic, grassroots movement of everyday Floridians fighting to reject devastating budget cuts, stop the assault on middle class […]

Rosalind Osgood & Louis Kushner Want To Be On The Broward School Board

Two new candidates have entered the race to join the Grand Jury’s favorite school board. Louis M. Kushner filed for the District 4 seat. Governor Rick Scott appointed Donna Korn to this seat when Dave Thomas left the building. Rosalind Osgood filed for the District 5 seat currently held by Benjamin Williams. Ms. Osgood appears […]