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South Florida Memories: The King Orange Jamboree Parade

Who remembers Skipper Chuck hosting local coverage of the King Orange Jamboree Parade on WTVJ? Local residents would claim spots along Biscayne Boulevard days before the New Years Eve parade in Miami. For years, NBC provided national coverage of the parade so the entire nation could watch the nighttime spectacle.

Images courtesy Florida Memory

Skipper Chuck Explains Memorial Day

If you grew up in south Florida during the 1960s and 1970s, you probably started most mornings watching The Skipper Chuck Show on WTVJ (then Channel 4). In this clip from the Wolfson Archives at Miami Dade College, Skipper Chuck Zink explains the meaning of Memorial Day to kids. As usual, Zink never talked down to his audience. Enjoy.

Skipper Chuck
Scrubby awaits a well-deserved pie to the face