South Florida Memories: The King Orange Jamboree Parade

Who remembers Skipper Chuck hosting local coverage of the King Orange Jamboree Parade on WTVJ? Local residents would claim spots along Biscayne Boulevard days before the New Years Eve parade in Miami. For years, NBC provided national coverage of the parade so the entire nation could watch the nighttime spectacle.

Images courtesy Florida Memory

1 thought on “South Florida Memories: The King Orange Jamboree Parade

  1. ted inserra

    I was born in Broward General Hospital in 1956, and I am the youngest of 3 brothers. We, as a family, would always go to the King Orange Parade, thank you for the memories. When the Orange Bowl Game, was actually played in The Orange Bowl!!! Growing up, our Dad would take the whole neighborhood to the parade, in our wood sided station wagon, with the kids in the very back , facing the wrong way—remember those seats??? And as a generation, we survived–drank out of a hose, rode bikes behind the mosquito fog machine (like riding in the clouds), got on our bikes right after Rice Krispies & not coming back home until the street lights came on, and our parents had no idea where we were!! Usually at the “rock pits”, now Snyder Park, that the developers & city want to destroy!! But, some of us are fighting that!! Thanks for the memories !!



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