Team Rupert Tarsey Makes Laughable Claim–Broward Republican Chair Is Secret Agent For Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (?!?)

As REDBROWARD reported last week, Rupert Tarsey vowed revenge on those he believes uncovered his brutal criminal past. In 2007, Tarsey, then known as Rupert Ditsworth, was charged with attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection with a vicious hammer attack on a female classmate. Prosecutors said Tarsey hit […]

Former BREC Chair: Any Claim By Rupert Tarsey That His Actions Were In Self-Defense Are False

On Monday, Kevin Tynan, a former Chairman sent the following email to Broward Republicans. Tynan, an attorney, served as a Broward County School Board Member. Tynan is widely-respected by the Florida Bar for his fairness, reasoned arguments and legal acumen. He has been a legal advisor to many BREC Chairs, including Robert Sutton. Tynan has […]

Rupert Tarsey Says Fellow BREC Member is “F***ing Crazy”

Does Rupert Tarsey like any of his fellow Broward Republicans?  Yesterday, BREC member Daniel Diaz exposed Tarsey’s dislike of former BREC secretary Dolly Rump. This shocking revelation comes as many insiders believe Rump, a former Broward Trump campaign operative, has been supportive of Tarsey’s bid to remove Sutton. According to Diaz: In the course of […]