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Let Broward Eat Cake? Broward Democrats Throwing Fancy Party For Bigwigs Tonight


$5.00 per gallon of gas? $4.00 per gallon of milk? High unemployment across Broward? Crumbling Schools and Infrastructure? Rampant corruption at all levels of local government? Israel threatened by mortal enemies while President Obama campaigns for re-election?

Who cares!!!

The Broward Democrats are throwing themselves a huge party tonight at a fancy hotel in Parkland. (Technically Coral Springs but it doesn’t have the same cache). For just $150 bucks, you can wine and dine with Broward’s elite and corrupt.

Maybe Ilene Lieberman will dazzle the crowd with a rousing lecture on US Constitutional law? Stacy Ritter would surely dazzle the masses if she puts on one of her patented dance routines. Let’s hope the menu is planned by salami sandwich doyenne Judy Stern. It would make the headlines if belly laughs were provided by stand-up comedian and Broward Democrat chairman Mitch Ceasar. We hear rumors that free valet parking provided by Diane Glasser and the King’s Point crew.

Join the fun Marriott at Heron Bay, 11775 Heron Bay Blvd, Coral Springs. Tell them Ann Murray says to give you good seats!