Poll This! RED BROWARD Question O’ The Day

Sure, everyone loves a good sandwich, but should any Broward Republican willingly do the bidding of Democrat uber-lobbyist and salami sandwich doyenne Judy Stern? Isn’t Broward ready to move from the old way of doing things? Chime in now.

Sorry Scott Israel, Stacy Ritter Prefers “THE One & Only Sheriff” Al Lamberti

During any political season, campaigns crave free media coverage. Name recognition and public awareness are key to winning local elections. Some Democrat insiders are scratching their heads over the latest “Coffee With Stacy” video featuring Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) and Sheriff Al Lamberti. Sheriff Al is running against Scott Israel (D-Sorry Louis). […]

AFL-CIO Presents Ilene Lieberman With A “Major Award”

Sources at the big AFL-CIO banquet at the Diplomat Resort say Ilene Lieberman’s “major award” bore this inscription: “FRAH-JEE-LAY”