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Broward County Government Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month With A Dancing Taco?!?!

Broward County & The Dancing Taco
Broward Mayor Steve Geller

When he’s not docking the paychecks of unvaccinated employees, Broward Mayor Steve Geller counts on an aide for hispanic outreach. Let’s hope the aide can undo the damage caused by an insulting National Hispanic Month post from the official County Twitter account. On Wednesday, @BrowardCounty trumpeted the start of National Hispanic month by listing a few Central American countries along with the question, “What are you doing to celebrate?”

The post included a GIF of a dancing taco with maracas.


It’s bad enough that a Broward County employee thinks “hispanic” countries” are confined to Central America. That’s surprising news to Broward residents with ties to South America or Cuba or Mexico or Spain.

And the dancing taco? Someone in Broward County government thinks Hispanic Heritage is exemplified by tacos?

The post was quickly deleted. But the internet is forever.

Two hours later, a less controversial tweet was sent.