Judge Nina Di Pietro Campaign Claims Endorsement From Group Backing Her Opponent

Broward Judge Nina Weatherly Di Pietro claims to have the endorsement of a group which is actually backing her opponent. On its palm card for the November General Election, the “Concerned Clergy of Broward” endorsed former Judge Ian Richards for the County Court Judge Group 7 race. Campaign literature passed out at early voting locations […]

Mitchell Berger and Others Involved In Broward Health Legal Drama Keep Funding Judge Nina Di Pietro

The major players in the ongoing Broward Health legal drama continue to fund the re-election campaign of Judge Nina Weatherly Di Pietro. In March, her husband, former Broward Chairman David Di Pietro, was removed from his post by Governor Rick Scott after the Chief Inspector General claimed he was interfering in the Broward Health investigation. Last week, REDBROWARD revealed her […]

Broward County Court Judge Group 7 Candidates Speak In Plantation

https://youtu.be/X8Kx8u4-q6k Judge Nina Di Pietro was the only Broward County Court Group 7 candidate to attend the American Citizens League (ACL) meeting last night in Plantation. Brenda Di Ioia and Ian Richards missed another opportunity to speak to Broward voters. Nearly all other judicial candidates attended the standing room only meeting.