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After Wrongly Claiming Plantation Candidate Carol Sword Failed To Answer Questions For Newspaper Endorsement, Sun-Sentinel Editor Steve Bousquet Apologizes—“I Don’t Know What Happened”

Steve Bousquet of Tallahassee

When the Sun-Sentinel editorial board endorsed Plantation Councilman Erik Anderson earlier this month, they said candidate Carol Sword “failed to participate in a Sun Sentinel interview.” According to newspaper, Sword failed to sit for the interview and did not return a questionnaire. In fact, the Board, under the leadership of editor Steve Bousquet, claimed it would not have mattered if Sword was interviewed. The Board wrote, “Even if Sword had been interviewed, Anderson would be our preferred choice.”

How would the Sun-Sentinel know this if Sword failed to submit her questionnaire? Does Steve Bousquet, a Tallahassee resident, automatically dismiss Republican candidates like Carol Sword?

There’s just one problem.

Carol Sword did answer and return the Sun-Sentinel questionnaire.

On Monday, September 12, 2022, Sword emailed the questionnaire to Steve Bousquet. Sword asked for confirmation of its receipt.

On Wednesday, September 14, 2022 Bousquet responded to Sword. “Received, thanks!”

Needless to say, Carol Sword was shocked to read the October 14, 2022 endorsement where the Sun-Sentinel stated she did not respond to them.

In an email to Bousquet, Carol Sword wrote:

I was very disappointed to read in today’s editorial page that I did not submit a response to your questionnaire. As you can see from your above letter, you did confirm receipt of my submission. In the interest of fairness, I would like a retraction on the editorial page due to the Sun Sentinel’s error. I do not want the voters to consider me an unresponsive candidate.

Less than an hour later, Bousquet responded to Sword.

“I apologize, Carol; I just checked again and I did not have anything from you in my inbox. I don’t know what happened. It will be updated online.”

Sword tells REDBROWARD the endorsement was not updated. She said she contacted a reporter which lead to conversation with Juan Ortega, another Sun-Sentinel editor. Sword said Ortega promised to correct the record.

Here is endorsement page as it looks on October 31, 2022.

Is this how Steve Bousquet treats all Republican candidates?

Is this how Steve Bousquet treats average citizens who dare challenge incumbents and the establishment?

Carol Sword, candidate Plantation City Council Group 1