State to Oversee Broward School Board for Six Months


The Department Of Education will keep an inspector general in place at the School Board of Broward County for the next six months.

Eric Smith wants to have boots on the ground to keep an eye on the activities of the board.

“Smith wants the Inspector General to ‘monitor official meetings, agendas and activities of the Broward County School Board.’ The IG will also communicate with the District on “the need to establish anticipated completion dates for corrective actions.”

No wonder Ann Murray has been nervous. Bet the IG loved yesterday’s Daily Pulp story about Murray’s campaign consultant intimidating a School District whistleblower and Murray possibly targeting his postion as a cost-cutting measure.

Should be a fun six months…


Broward School Board Whistlebower Is A Real Hero

Shame on you if you’ve never heard of Michael Marchetti. He is one of the few people to stand up to the Broward County School Board. He works for the Broward School District. The Grand Jury report says a School Board Member’s campaign consultant threatened to have Marchetti and his wife fired and/or arrested. ( Newspaper reports claim Ann Murray may be involved). Yesterday, he let the Board have it.