Who Is Paying The Bill For All The Lawyers Hired By School Board Members, Robert Runcie and Barbara Myrick?

School Board Member Laurie Rich Levinson hired criminal defense lawyer David Bogenschutz to deal with the Statewide Grand Jury in February. According to The Florida Bulldog, Bogenschutz is also representing Broward School Board Attorney Barbara Myrick who was arrested last week. Indicted Broward School Superintendent has at least three criminal defense lawyers at his table (Jeremy Kroll, Michael Dutko and Johnny McCray).

Who is paying the bill for all these high-priced criminal defense lawyers?

The taxpayers?

Broward Leaders’ Shameful Pro-Runcie Rally Orchestrated By Dale Holness

A Friday morning rally in support of Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie exposed the local elitist attitude towards students, teachers and the rule of law. The downtown Fort Lauderdale rally appears to be the brainchild of controversial Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness who sent emails using his official County letterhead. Robert Runcie was arrested on Wednesday on a felony charge of lying during an official proceeding.

Bob Swindell, CEO of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance acted as the master of ceremonies.

In an epic moment of tone-deafness, Bob Swindell said colleagues from around the country called him to praise the “articulate and intelligent” Broward students who spoke out following the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas massacre. Swindell said it was all due to Robert Runcie.

City Furniture CEO Keith Koenig praised Runcie for helping the business community.

United Way of Broward County CEO Kathleen Cannon praised Runcie for helping Broward non-profit organizations.

But these leaders were dead silent when politicians and their shills questioned the integrity of Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) agents, state attorneys and even the average citizens on the grand jury.

These millionaires said nothing while a Dale Holness ally called the matter a “politrick” and urged revenge at the ballot box.

Swindell and Holness did not plan on taking questions while television cameras were rolling. They planned on stenographers dutifully regurgitating their public relations spin.

REDBROWARD spoiled those plans.

We asked if the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, City Furniture and the United Way would tolerate an employee charged with lying to a grand jury. We asked whether the students, parents and teachers of Broward County deserve the lion’s share of the credit for improved graduation rates, improved grades and performance instead of the Superintendent.

These Broward millionaires, business leaders, preachers and politicians grew silent and turned their backs on cameras.

Dead silence.

Shame on them.

Is This The Next Broward County Sheriff?

With multiple reports confirming investigations into Sheriff Gregory Tony, political insiders are wondering who would take command at the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO). Several sources believe a non-political member of the BSO rank and file would be the logical choice by Governor Ron DeSantis. But now, a reliable source tells REDBROWARD there’s an “outside the box” choice being whispered about in Tallahassee.

Outgoing Florida Director of Emergency Management Jared Moskowitz.

Moskowitz, a staunch Democrat, is a Broward County resident. Before being picked by DeSantis to head FL DEM, Moskowitz served in the Florida House of Representatives.

Stay tuned…