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LEGEND: Coach Don Shula Dead At 90

Rest In Peace Coach Don Shula.

Broward GOP Chair Candidate Received $5K From High School Boosters For Stadium That Was Never Built

Broward Republican Party chair candidate Eugene “Gene” Robinson received a $5000 payment for fundraising work for a high school stadium that was never built. On Wednesday, Robinson told REDBROWARD he had never received any money as a “professional fundraiser.” Florida law requires anyone who solicits funds to be registered with the State Department of Agriculture. Failure to register can result in civil and criminal penalities. Robinson admitted he was not a registered fundraiser.

Following the publication of the REDBROWARD story, Robinson told a Republican group he was a “volunteer” fundraiser.

Now, multiple sources confirm Robinson received $5000 from  J.P. Taravella High School Boosters for his help raising money to fund an on-campus football stadium. Robinson promised boosters he could replicate the work he performed to help build a stadium at Stoneman Douglas High School in Coral Springs.

REDBROWARD obtained a copy of the resume Robinson sent to Broward School District officials. Robinson wrote, “The [Taravella] campaign will involve bringing in between $800,000 and $1.2 million for a stadium, lighting, and a scoreboard. When I finish that phase of the campaign, I will raise the $600,000 necessary to install an artificial playing surface in the Taravella stadium.”

The Taravella stadium was never built.

UPDATE: According to the Sun-Sentinel, Robinson has pulled out of the Broward GOP race.