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Betsy Benson Using Democrat Vendor To Market Her Broward Judicial Campaign

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Broward Judicial Candidate Hiding Public Defender Career From Voters

according to her website, Betsy Benson, right, is an expert on death penalty cases.

According to her website, Betsy Benson, right, is an qualified expert on death penalty cases.

Betsy Benson, a candidate for Broward County Court Judge Group 13, does not want voters to know she is a longtime public defender. Benson’s campaign website never mentions her job as a Broward County public defender. The website gives one brief mention of her boss, Howard Finkelstein.

Under the “Betsy Benson Knows The Law!” section of the website, she lists teaching trial skills at Nova Southeastern and the “Natioanl (sic) Institute of Trial Advocay (sic).” But when it comes to her time at the Public Defender’s Office, Benson gets very vague. She admits she, “Taught lawyers for Howard Finkelstein.”

No mention she taught public defenders for Howard Finkelstein. No mention her boss is Broward Public Defender “Help Me Howard” Finkelstein. Nada. Zip.

Is Benson ashamed to admit to voters she represents criminals? Is she worried her association with Finkelstein will damage her chances to be judge?

Benson wrote, “I have spent more than 30 years in the Broward County courthouse. I believe in the importance of role models.” Sorry Howard, guess you didn’t make her role model list.

However, when it comes to her new non-profit organization, Benson has no problem using the Public Defender’s office.

The Facebook page for the 2-4the show nonprofit organization claims it is “dedicated to providing art enrichment to underprivileged children in Broward County through tickets to live events.” State records show Benson started the organization in 2014 using the Broward Public Defender’s Office address at 500 S.E 6th Street in Fort Lauderdale. Benson listed her official Public Defender’s Office email address on the State incorporation forms.