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Who Is Paying The Bill For All The Lawyers Hired By School Board Members, Robert Runcie and Barbara Myrick?

School Board Member Laurie Rich Levinson hired criminal defense lawyer David Bogenschutz to deal with the Statewide Grand Jury in February. According to The Florida Bulldog, Bogenschutz is also representing Broward School Board Attorney Barbara Myrick who was arrested last week. Indicted Broward School Superintendent has at least three criminal defense lawyers at his table (Jeremy Kroll, Michael Dutko and Johnny McCray).

Who is paying the bill for all these high-priced criminal defense lawyers?

The taxpayers?

Broward Legal Eagle Using The Stacy Ritter Defense


David Bogenschutz, attorney for disgraced Deerfield Beach mayor Al Capellini, filed a motion claiming his client is the victim of selective prosecution. Bogenschutz’s motion alleges Capellini is facing jail time and criminal charges, while Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) and Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brook (D-Love Boat) faced ethics complaints and fines.

The motion is being heard this morning in Broward County court.

Mike Satz (D-Jimmy Carter) tends to go after the small fish, but it’s possible Bogenschutz could argue Democrats wiggle off the hook while a small time Republican politician gets hooked.

Stay tuned…