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Dale Holness Demands Broward Taxpayers Compensate Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie For “What He’s Been Through.”

Dale Holness at Broward School Board

Sure, Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie got indicted because he and School Board Attorney contacted Grand Jury witnesses before testifying about a bid rigging scheme at the Broward School District. But in County Commissioner Dale Holness’ world, Runcie is the victim. On Thursday at a special Broward School Board meeting, Dale Holness demanded Runcie be compensated for “what he’s been through.”

Presumably, Holness thinks holding a public official accountable for his actions and resigning after being arrested qualifies as martyrdom.

Here’s Dale Holness’ laughable diatribe:

“The honorable thing to do is to ensure you negotiate a fair settlement…one that’s just, that’s right. One that compensates him for what he’s done, and what he’s been through. Anything less than that would not be right. The eyes of this community are on you. We’re not going to look away. Though he may be going out, we’re still going to pay attention to make sure you what’s fair and what’s right.”

“And as you going forward to replace him, which is going to be a hard task, ensure that you’re fair in that search also.”