High-Powered Law Firm Joins Fight Against AHF “Trantalis Tower” In Fort Lauderdale,

Last week, a high-powered law firmco-founded by “superlawyer” William Scherer joined the fight to stop AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) from building a sixteen story tower near downtown Fort Lauderdale. Since the project was announced one year ago with the support of Mayor Dean Trantalis, local opponents dubbed the controversial project “Trantalis Tower.” According to a …

Scott Rothstein Was Ready To “Attack” Broward

Back in 2008, Tony Bova and Scott Rothstein announced their new partnership. Bova said they were going to “attack Broward and Dade county”. Duh! Just look at these guys, who wouldn’t want to sell their soul to them? Is Scott wearing the Greg Brady bad luck tiki around his neck?!?!?