Quiet Before The Storm


Early voting starts 11AM today at multiple locations across Broward.

Here’s some early voting BRAINTEASERS to occupy your time while lined up to vote:

1. How many judicial candidates got immunity in exchange for their testimony in a “criminal situation”?

2. How many judicial candidates worked for jailed ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein?

3. How many judicial candidates represent convicted politician Sylvia Poitier?

4. How many judicial candidates were silent on public corruption because they were too busy chasing people picking up fruit from their yard?

5. How many judicial candidates hired staffers who carried moneybags filled with $100,000 of the Chait’s money?

6. How many school board candidates have lobbyist family members that are also huge Obama fundraisers?

7. How many school board candidates have close ties to Broward Commissioner Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) and her mega lobbyist hubby?

8. Which judicial candidate loves mangoes?

9. How many candidates are using consultant and salami sandwich doyenne Judy Stern?

10. If you’re so damn tired of the waste and corruption, why do you keep voting for the same damn people?

Lobbyists And Specials Interests Fund Ilene Lieberman Judicial Campaign

Lobbyists and companies with business before the Broward County Commission have poured thousands of dollars into Ilene Lieberman’s campaign for county judge. Many say Lieberman,currently a Broward County Commissioner, is a professional politician and a novice attorney. Her opponent, Katherine “Katie” McHugh is an experienced trial lawyer. Lieberman touts her experience with the political process at judicial forums.

Lieberman (D-Catlady) received contributions from construction firms, All-Star Toilets, garbage firms, janitorial companies, the Florida Panthers and companies doing business at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport.

Don’t worry, Ilene is speading the money around. She paid her neighbor $1000 to build a website for the campaign.

Ilene Lieberman’s six cats were unavailable for comment.


Ilene Lieberman Is CATWOMAN!!!

Over at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Brittany Wallman just posted a story about Ilene Lieberman (D-Mango) and her six cats. What are they names? Get ready: Duke Ellington Michelson, Ella Fitzgerald Michelson, Jackie Wilson Michelson, Ringo Starr Michelson, Jimmy Dorsey Michelson, Jessica Michelson.

It gets better. Apparently, Ilene has a room dedicated to her cats, “Lieberman and her husband, Stuart Michelson, have a cat room in their house, with a special staircase for the cats to climb on, and a bunk bed, as well.”

And even better, Lieberman brags to Wallman, “‘At one point, we had 12 feral cats that we adopted,'”.

What’s next? A peek inside Ilene’s Mango cave complete with monitors to observe those dastardly mango thieves? We can only hope.