Judge Destry Latest Broward Pol Violating Florida Campaign Laws

Circuit Court Judge Matthew Destry is the latest Broward politician violating Florida elections laws. Florida Statute Section 106.09(1)(a) states, “A person may not make an aggregate cash contribution…to the same candidate or committee in excess of $50 per election.” According to the law, anyone who accepts more than $50 in cash, “commits a misdemeanor of the first degree.” […]

“The Hallmark Kid” Arrested For Pretending To Be A Lawyer

Ryan Adam Lipner is running for Broward Circuit Court against Judge Stacy Ross. According to the law, Lipner cannot serve as a Broward County Circuit Court Judge because he is not a lawyer. But Broward officials say lacking a law degree did not stop Lipner from practicing law. In July 2014, Lipner was arrested for […]

No Joke. “The Hallmark Kid” Wants To Be Broward Circuit Court Judge

“The Hallamark Kid” ran for President of the United States and Governor of Florida. Now, Ryan Adam Lipner wants to be a Broward Circuit Court Judge. Lipner has filed paperwork to run against Judge Stacy Ross for the Group 48 seat on the Broward bench. Just one problem. Ryan Adam Lipner is not a lawyer. […]