JQC Files Formal Charges Against Broward Judge Matthew Destry For Secret Deal With Controverisal Political Activist

Just days before the August primary, the Investigative Panel of the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) determined Broward County Circuit Court Judge Matthew Destry violated numerous judicial rules by meeting with a local political activist. JAABlaw first reported the formal charges against Destry. While he was soundly defeated in the primary, the severity of charges […]

Court Of Appeals Reverses Broward Judge Matthew Destry (AGAIN?!?)

Once again, the 4th District Court of Appeals has overturned a prison sentence handed down by Broward County Circuit Court Judge Matthew “Matt” Destry.  After being convicted on low-level drug charges, Destry sentenced Maxime Cherilus to ten years in prison. Broward prosecutors were seeking an 18 month prison term. In a decision released today, the […]

Judge Matt Destry Dumbfounded By Opponent’s Dismantling Of His Record

https://youtu.be/NIhZ1l7n0yk Broward County Circuit Court Judge Matthew Destry was dumbfounded when his opponent attacked his judicial record at a recent candidate forum at the African-American Research Library in Fort Lauderdale. The predominantly African-American audience cheered when attorney Barbara Duffy took Destry to task over his courtroom behavior and judicial decisions. Destry has been under fire […]