Congressman Connie Mack Speaking To Broward GOP


US Senate candidate Connie Mack speaking to Broward Republican Executive Committee in Fort Lauderdale. Congressman Mack reminds crowd that a statewide candidate cannot win without a strong showing in Broward.

Mack hit Senator Bill Nelson (D-Sleepy) for his unending support of President Barack Obama. Mack singled out the Keystone Pipeline mess; He said the pipeline would have helped Florida companies.

Mack also quoted Barry Goldwater.

Mack said his problem with Paul Ryan budget is its failure to balance the budget for 28 years.

Mack said he would take Ryan’s entitlement reforms and add them to his “penny plan”.

Mack said he wants to change political conversation–said politicians need to start talking about repealing programs.

More to come…


Jeff Atwater Announces He Is NOT Running For US Senate


Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater announced he is not running for U.S. Senate.

Here’s the statement he posted on Facebook around noon:

“Friends, for asking and encouraging us to run as your candidate for the US Senate, thank you. Together we share an inspired vision for the future of America that is rooted in the founding documents of our country. Conservative principles of limited government that honors the talent, hard work and sacrifice of every American to pursue their dreams and create a purposeful life for themselves and their family. We also share a deep concern over the direction of our country and with those who believe that more taxes, more spending and more debt to fund bigger, intrusive and centralized government to plan and pamper our lives is destroying the American Character. We must fight for the future of our country. The time is now and the battleground is Florida.

Carole and I and our entire family traveled with you across Florida for sixteen months to ask for and receive your confidence and the high honor of serving as your Chief Financial Officer. For just over a year now we have been at the task of reducing your taxes, reducing your debt and creating an environment for Floridians to succeed on the paths they have chosen. Only slightly a year into this role I continue to feel blessed to be serving as your financial watchdog of government spending and I see so many more ways that I can serve you in this present capacity. As much as Carole and I are humbled by your calls, notes and messages to enter the US Senate race and carry our banner into the fight we believe we have a responsibility to finish the job Floridians elected us to do.

I promise you this, I will be with you and I will work at your side between now and November to see that Florida elects a United States Senator committed to our founding principles of freedom and liberty which has produced a prosperity never before achieved on this planet and which has inspired people across the globe. Let us press onward and see that Florida does it’s part to preserve and advance this exceptional Constitutional Republic in the spirit of what Abraham Lincoln knew to be, ‘the last best hope on earth.’ Jeff”


George LeMieux Wins Tea Party Leaders Straw Poll


George LeMieux is the overwhelming choice of statewide Tea Party Leaders. LeMieux dominated a straw poll with 53% of the vote. This is yet another example of LeMieux winning over the important tea party movement of Florida.

LeMieux, Connie Mack, and Mike McCalister are seeking the GOP nomination. The winner will get to send Bill Nelson (D-Sleepy) into retirement.