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Mysterious Broward Sheriff Candidate’s Biz Partner Arrested For Medical Fraud

United Health Medical Center in Lauderhill, founded by Edison Jules and Obinson Louis

United Health Medical Center in Lauderhill, founded by Edison Jules and Obinson Louis

Just three months ago, the business partner of Edison Jules, the “mystery man” challenging Broward Sheriff Scott Israel, was arrested on eight felony charges related to medical fraud. On February 18, 2015, Obinson Louis (a.k.a Louis Obinson) was charged with two counts of grand theft in the third degree and six counts of operating a medical clinic without a license. Louis surrendered on February 25th and plead “not guilty” to all eight charges. His next court hearing is scheduled in July before Judge John Patrick Contini.

State of Florida records show Obinson Louis and Edison Jules founded United Health Medical Center Inc. in October 2014. Louis was listed as the president of the Lauderhill medical clinic, while Jules was named the company’s vice president. A month after Louis’ arrest, the State received a document removing Louis and Jules as officers of the clinic. A Broward chiropractor was listed as the new president of the clinic.

In February, the Florida Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF) touted the arrest of Louis and others as part of a statewide crackdown on medical fraud. The State’s investigation lead to the arrests of Louis and seven other men who ran unlicensed clinics in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. A DIF press release stated, “The clinics played a role in personal injury protection (PIP) fraud schemes that resulted in more than $243,000 in illegal billings.”

Lherisson Domond, an 82 year old a licensed medical doctor, was arrested for acting as the straw owner of two clinics in Orlando and two clinics in Fort Lauderdale. A probable cause affidavit in Louis’ case shows he paid Domond $1,500 per month for use of his name and medical license.

DIF stated Obinson Louis, “was arrested for operating Innovative Medical Rehab Center, an unlicensed clinic in Oakland Park. Louis was charged with illegally billing more than $17,000 during May 2013 to April 2014.”

Despite his career as a policeman, Ohio corporate records show Edison Jules owns several medical related businesses in the Columbus area. Jules owns: Heath Plus Home Care Services, Inc., Health Plus Outpatient Physical and Occupational Therapy, Health Care Partners LLC, and Polaris Wellness and Recovery Center LLC. Also, Jules owns, Global Guard Protective Agency LLC, A Plus Academy LLC, A Plus Academy 2 LLC, and Kingdom Funding Capital LLC.

On Monday, the Broward Palm Beach New Times reported Edison Jules’ employment as the deputy chief of the Shawnee (Ohio) police department could not be verified. “An official with the Shawnee Township Police Department told New Times the agency has never had an employee of that name. A lieutenant in Shawnee Hills said, ‘We don’t have an Edison Jules who worked for our agency, never have.’”

Earlier this month, REDBROWARD revealed Jules’ controversial employment with the Village of Obetz (Ohio) police department. In a 2011 racial discrimination lawsuit against his police department, Jules claimed he was disabled due to “memory loss.” He based his lawsuit on violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

The United States District Court held Jules “failed to adduce any admissible evidence that he has a disability under any of the three definitions. At most, he has produced evidence that he was hospitalized and subsequently cleared to return to work. Plaintiff states that he was told by an unnamed neurologist that his condition could cause memory issues. There is no medical documentation of any memory issue, nor is there a statement from any physician to suggest Jules may have had a memory problem.”

Once again, Edison Jules’ veracity has been called into question. He needs to start answering these questions. Broward voters deserve the truth.

Photographic proof Edison Jules worked for South Bloomfield (Ohio) police?

Photographic proof Edison Jules worked for South Bloomfield (Ohio) police?