Broward School Board Member Brenda Fam: Metal Detectors, Not Clear Backpacks, Will Make Schools Safer

Brenda Fam, District 6 School Board Member

Statement from Broward School Board Member Brenda Fam on new clear backpack policy:

Are clear backpacks effective in keeping weapons out of schools?

No, clear backpacks have not proven to keep weapons out of schools.

“Clear bookbags are a well intended but relatively ineffective measure,” said Dorn.
Our experts explained clear bookbags are not effective in keeping weapons out of schools, and that as a result, crime does not necessarily go down because of them.
“When it comes to crimes, clear bookbags probably weigh on the lower tier,” explained Johnson. “A research paper in 2016, found that SRO’s and clear bookbags were associated with the increases in school violence.”

The three sources said that while the backpack may be clear, students still will be able to hide weapons inside.
“You can still hide a weapon inside of a cut out book, inside of clothing,” Hardy explained.
“One of my older sons works with us and he did a video with a clear backpack, elementary school size, putting 26 weapons hidden in it, including a shotgun, 12 hand guns, and a hand grenade and knives. So the bookbag may be clear, but it’s pretty easy to students will hollow out a book and put the weapon in the book or other contraband. They’ll wrap the weapon in clothing or a tennis shoe,” Dorn added


Clear backpacks wouldn’t have stopped the Uvalde slaughter or many other school shootings, National Association of School Resource Officers executive director Mo Canady told Patch.

“I think it’s an attempt at trying to do something,” Canady said, calling the policy an impractical response on its own because it’s easy to conceal weapons among clothing, books and other items inside.

2 thoughts on “Broward School Board Member Brenda Fam: Metal Detectors, Not Clear Backpacks, Will Make Schools Safer

  1. boomerbabysage

    It speaks volumes (virtually NONE of it good) about this country now that this is a thing that has to even be the subject of studies much less debated. Our country is pathetic in its love for weapons…esp. guns. And, oh by the way, no one can fit an AR-15 in a backpack…the seeming weapon of choice for mass killers. Our kids deserve sooooo much better from us than the world we have handed them.


  2. Patti Lynn

    You are quoting people, (Dorn, Johnson), who have not been identified in your report. That makes the report incomplete, at best. How many school shootings have involved pistols, the only firearm that would fit in a backpack?
    BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS…(defined as weapons designed for the military to fight in wars).
    Brenda Fam needs to resign. She, Alston & Foganholi, are playing politics with children’s lives.



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