Plantation Fire Department: Delivery Driver Drove Into Pond

From the Plantation Fire Department:

Vehicle in the water! A delivery driver drove into a pond on the 11800 block of NW 8th St. Driver was able to escape before the car submerged. No injuries. Our dive team did a great job assisting in the recovery of the submerged delivery vehicle.

If you cannot see the road or determine how deep the water is. Stop, turn around, and go back in the direction you came from. Do not drive into standing water.

Be careful out there. Lots of flooded areas in the County today. Stay safe. Turn around, don’t drown.

Thank you and great job by units that responded: Batt Chief 25, Rescue 96, DIVER 477, Engine 96, Engine 62, Captain 56, Lt 77, EMS56 & Squad 25.

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