Broward School Board Member Brenda Fam Calls For Criminal Investigation To Clear Her Name

Brenda Fam

Broward School Board Member Brenda Fam calls for a criminal investigation into allegations made against her. On Tuesday, Board Chair Lori Alhadeff set in motion a “kangaroo court” to hear allegations made against Fam and Allen Zeman. (More on that later.)

Here is a statement Fam provided to REDBROWARD:

While taking group photos at an award ceremony the photographer instructed us to squish in closer so everyone could fit in the camera frame. We all moved closer together, similar to what individuals do when squishing together in an elevator. My hand inadvertently brushed against someone and I apologized. The individual laughed and stated, it was an accident. I was embarrassed and moved to a different location in the photos.

I can’t say who but the individual is not a minor.

The workshop on April 4, 2023 the Board spoke about the rights of individuals to be free from feeling uncomfortable at the work place. This profound right applies to accuser as well as accused.

I am not returning to in-person Board meetings or to in-person workshops as this individual has and may continue to attend these meetings. The presence of this individual is distracting, and makes it impossible to be at ease. I don’t feel protected and can be approached at anytime by this individual. I fear walking to my car, standing in an elevator, and even walking to the bathroom unescorted for fear that another false allegation may be lodged.

In an abundance of caution I am exercising my right to be free from work place hostility, unwarranted harassment and from being near and or around the individual that made these unfounded allegations.

I have yet to receive a written copy of the allegations and the school district has no written policy on how to legally proceed.

As such, I am requesting that criminal charges be filed so I can confront my accuser, and have my day in court.

This personal attack is but one battle to be fought in the war that is being waged. I will preserve my reputation and continue to advocate for parents and protect traditional family values.

Thank you for the many individuals that have reached out with your support and prayers.

‘I Am One of You and I Stand With You.’

Not going to submit to a process that does not exist and make up the rules as you go along.

Nor have I been given a copy of the alleged ethics complaint filed.


6 thoughts on “Broward School Board Member Brenda Fam Calls For Criminal Investigation To Clear Her Name

  1. Mary Bohorquez

    The allegations are RIDICULOUS. Everyone knows the truth and these lies are being waged against you because you stand for what’s right in our school system. Stand strong Brenda Fam we have your back.


  2. Pam Flint

    Funny how they moved quickly on this with Fam but drug their feet with Zeman. And because Zeman was accused of similar, they had to swoop him in to this investigation. The Board was willing to also allow Dr. Cartwright to use the incident with Zeman to bribe the Board into a mutual agreement package that granted her far more than what she deserved.
    This Board needs a total overhaul because despite prior Grand Jury reports, they continue with the same culture of deceit. They will never get it right. Too much corruption.


  3. Kathleen Tylman

    So the Broward County School Board and teachers union have reached a NEW LOW:
    Accuse the parent-student-teacher advocate! Silence FAM at ALL COST! The noncompliant one must be eliminated!
    There are SO MANY issues for these failing, unsafe, declining academic Broward County schools, and you choose to publicize, politicize, and persecute the one SB member who is standing up and speaking up for safe, transparent academic education? Wow. You can give DA Bragg a few tips.
    What public embarrassment!


  4. Jo Mary Dreamer

    BCPS: You are disgusting for these tactics. Leonardi applauded a field trip for little kids to a homosexual sex themed bar with a reputation of adults having sex in and around the restrooms!!! And you did nothing. Shame on you! You will continue to lose the best students, parents, and advocates as more and more take advantage of School Choice money. …and then what? You’ll come back to the taxpayer pockets to dig you out of yet more foolish choices.

    All while our children’s academic performance falls lower and lower and all the good teachers keep leaving.

    You are child, parent, and teacher abusers. Your day will come.


  5. Sara Fine

    Stay strong, Brenda. You are fighting for the rights of students and their parents. The left continues to use 3rd world tactics in their quest to destroy the opposition. We’ve got your back, and will not let them drag you down.



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