Broward School Officials Claim Software Glitch Put “Flamer” In Hands Of All Public School Students

A software “glitch” put Flamer and other questionable e-books into the hands of Broward School students, sources tell REDBROWARD. On Tuesday, the “Libs of TikTok” Twitter account reported that Flamer, an award-winning graphic novel which “discusses masturbation, watching porn, and has graphic depictions of sexual acts,” was available in the library of Falcon Cove Middle School in Davie. As REDBROWARD reported yesterday, the publisher of Flamer as well as booksellers Amazon and Barnes & Noble clearly state the graphic novel is not appropriate for middle school students.

Concerned parents contacted Falcon Cove demanding answers.

School administrators and officials were told a “glitch” with “Axis 360,” an e-book software program, was to blame. An official with the Broward Schools IT department said the glitch occurred last summer during a merger of school library collections and e-books in the Axis 360 collection. The issue occurred at multiple schools not just Falcon Cove Middle School.

The IT Department official said they would correct the problem eventually.

Lisa Maxwell, executive director of the Broward Principals And Assistants Association (BPAA) told REDBROWARD, “Flamer” was not ordered by Falcon Cove and the book was not in the school library at Falcon Cove.

“When Falcon Cove’s Principal verified the book had been added without school permission , he asked the district to immediately remove the book,” Maxwell said. “The method the district departments use to add ebook to school libraries which are in compliance with state law, must be reviewed and schools must be notified in advance.”

1 thought on “Broward School Officials Claim Software Glitch Put “Flamer” In Hands Of All Public School Students

  1. boomerbabysage

    Of course, now that the “Libs of TikTok” decided to splash this all over social media and others, like here, have picked up the story…rather than just more quietly get the School District to address and remediate it…there are likely to any number of students going out of their way to get their hands on this “book.” Since, book banning, like movie bans in the past, generally have the complete opposite effect of what the purveyors of it reportedly seek to do, i.e., end up encouraging the ones allegedly to be sheltered to track down the fruit of the forbidden tree. In short, these “culture wars” are largely a complete waste of time window dressing…all smoke & mirrors.



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