WATCH: Tamarac City Attorney Hans Ottinot Puts Hand On TV Reporter, Blocks Door With Body Before Running Away Into The Night

Courtesy NBC 6 WTVJ Miami

WTVJ NBC 6 Investigative Reporter Phil Prazan wanted to ask North Miami Beach City Attorney Hans Ottinot about the ongoing legal drama surrounding city commission meeting. Ottinot, recently hired by Marlon Bolton & Co as the new Tamarac City Attorney, did not want to speak with Prazan.

Instead of acting like a professional, Ottinot became unhinged. First, Ottinot put his hand on Prazan’s arm to block the microphone. Ottinot scurried down the staircase of the public building with Prazan and cameraman in tow. When he exited the staircase, Ottinot blocked the door with his body to keep Prazan from leaving the building.

When he spotted Prazan outside the building, Ottinot ran away into the North Miami Beach night.


Even worse, Ottinot told Prazan he would talk “off the record.” When asked why he would not speak on the record, Ottinot said he does not discuss pending litigation on the record.

Are Hans Ottinot’s clients aware he will speak about pending litigation off the record?

Tamarac residents and North Miami Beach residents deserve better, right?


3 thoughts on “WATCH: Tamarac City Attorney Hans Ottinot Puts Hand On TV Reporter, Blocks Door With Body Before Running Away Into The Night

  1. Barney Agate

    Running like a scaredy-cat isn’t a good look for this fellow. I think he will get more of the same from Tamarac.


  2. Patti Lynn

    Tamarac Commissioners Bolton, Daniel, and Wright made an error. They also probably violated several State laws in doing so: The Sunshine Law and the law requiring that a matter be open for discussion to the public prior to action being taken. Asking City employees, (who are AMAZING in the City of Tamarac), to adhere to moral and ethical behavior, while some members of the Commission refuse to do so, focuses negative attention in our City.


    1. Barney Marc Agate

      You’re absolutely correct. That our new commissioners are aligned with the illegal behavior of Bolton, who is likely facing legal action for his fraudulent acts, is indeed a blemish on Tamarac. Sadly, I feel certain that as time marches on, we will likely see more abhorrent behavior from the new commissioners.



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