State Officials Pay Surprise Visit To Broward School Superintendent Vickie Cartwright

After a year of repeated delays for documents and answers, officials from the State of Florida Department of Education paid a surprise visit to Broward School Superintendent Vickie Cartwright on Monday. Since September 2022, State officials have sought safety records and documents from the Broward School District. After a visit last September, the State said, “Superintendent Cartwright agreed to provide the Department with documentation needed to ensure Broward County Schools is upholding the safety of their students.”

Cartwright failed to produce the documents.

When officials arrived on scene Monday, Cartwright was able to finally produce the records.

In a letter following Monday’s visit, the State told Cartwright, “This morning, by your own admission, you should have had better oversight to ensure that these documents were promptly forwarded to our attention. After making OSS wait well over four months, it speaks volumes that you were able to provide most of these documents in just a matter of hours, during this morning’s meeting.”


1 thought on “State Officials Pay Surprise Visit To Broward School Superintendent Vickie Cartwright

  1. boomerbabysage

    Ah yes the political sideshow continues. This has zero to do with Cartwright and, instead, everything to do with Tallahassee’s desire to get it’s talons deep into Broward…FL’s last truly Dem stronghold. She’s just potential roadkill along the way. Foganholi’s first coup got reversed. Now that he’s back to do the Governor’s continued bidding, coup No. 2 should be just about any day now.



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