Poll This: CRT In Broward Schools?


5 thoughts on “Poll This: CRT In Broward Schools?

  1. Patti Lynn

    Do those folks voting NO know what CRT is? I guess that they would call it woke: Learning about the HISTORY of our country, plain and simple. Are you afraid that kids won’t understand prejudice, bullying, and beatings???? Do they not want to hear about not only America’s history, but Broward county’s? Those who refuse to learn from the past are bound to repeat it.


    1. boomerbabysage

      Correct Patti, I suspect the vast majority of people out there opposed to CRT have virtually no clue whatsoever what it really is…any more than they have a clue what the word “woke” actually means. But, FOX/Newsmax/OAN/SelectSocialMedia tell them these concepts are evil, so, of course, they are evil.


    2. JJ

      Sell us on why it’s so necessary to uproot American History as taught in public schools today. Unlike the Left, we don’t ban or censor, we debate the ideas. Let’s hear it.


      1. JJ

        The Governor is not changing anything, the CRT supporters are trying to promote their agenda through an AP African American History course. The State Board of Education is not allowing that class to be offered in Florida, so the current curriculum remains as is. I agree there’s no need to offer this class.


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