What Meeting?!? DeSantis Administration Official Says There Is NO Meeting Scheduled With Winning Broward School Board Candidate Rod Velez; Now Velez Agrees There Was No Meeting Planned?

Rod Velez won a seat on the Broward School Board last Tuesday. But Velez, a convicted felon, failed to have his right to hold public office restored by a State of Florida clemency board. Now, facing calls to keep him from taking a seat on the Broward School Board, Velez allegedly told The Sun-Sentinel he was scheduled to meet with Governor Ron DeSantis and First Lady Casey DeSantis. A claim Velez now denies.

On Twitter, Velez wrote he looked forward to meeting with the Governor. Velez discussed the issue with the Sun-Sentinel. According to the newspaper, “Velez said he has a meeting scheduled with DeSantis and his wife, Casey, prior to being sworn in and hopes the issue will be resolved in his favor.”

Why would Mrs. DeSantis meet with Rod Velez?

REDBROWARD contacted the folks in Tallahassee.

A DeSantis administration official told REDBROWARD there is no meeting scheduled with Rod Velez.

REDBROWARD asked Rod Velez about his claim of a meeting. He sent a screenshot of his tweet:

Rod Velez sent this tweet.

We asked if he told the Sun-Sentinel about the meeting. Velez said, “Just read the tweet and what I said, never said I have an appointment.”

Is Velez claiming the Sun-Sentinel is lying about his claim?

“Take care,” Velez wrote.

Velez was less than truthful about the circumstances surrounding his felony arrest.

Velez was less than truthful about his restoration of rights.

Now he claims he never said he had a scheduled meeting with the Governor?

Did Broward voters make a huge mistake?


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