Following Suspension By Governor Ron DeSantis, Donna Korn Asks Voters To Return Her To Broward School Board In November

Donna Korn, center.

Suspended Broward School Board Member Donna Korn wants voters to return her to office in November. On Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis suspended Korn along with Board Members Patricia Good, Laurie Rich Levinson and Ann Murray. A Statewide Grand Jury asked DeSantis to suspended the members due to “incompetence, neglect of duty, and misuse of authority.”

Even though Donna Korn picked up the most votes in the District 8 primary on Tuesday, she failed to garner more than fifty percent of the vote. Korn faces faux-Admiral Allen Zeman in a November.

Followers of Zeman hoped Korn would drop out of the race. A social media post by Korn dashed those hopes.

Here is Korn’s statement:

I am very disappointed in the Governor’s decision to once again put politics above education in Broward County. Despite the Governor’s actions, Broward voters still have the right and the power to decide for themselves who should represent them on the school board. I am confident that our community will see past the headlines and sound bites and focus on my record which stands on its own merits. I am undoubtedly the most qualified candidate to continue serving Broward County. I have asked the hard questions and ensured that our public school system continues to be accountable to our community which I am proud of.
I have been your faithful public servant for 11 years always putting education first. Our children are too important to let politics win. I ask voters, in November, to use their voices and votes to ensure that education is above politics in Broward County. I would be honored to have the privilege to continue to serve you with my experience as a Broward public school teacher, a mother of 3 public school children, a 28-year business professional and lifelong child advocate.
Thank you for your support this past Tuesday and for your years of support and faith in me.

2 thoughts on “Following Suspension By Governor Ron DeSantis, Donna Korn Asks Voters To Return Her To Broward School Board In November

  1. boomerbabysage

    Oh, clearly, politics has nothing to do with this. LOL!! Given those that Ronnie was running around endorsing in other school board elections the past month or two, undoubtedly anyone he would try and appoint in Broward would just be sooooo much better. LOL!!!!!!!! But, yeah, there is a thing called elections coming up too.



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