Amateurish Text Messages Imply Parkland Parents Group Endorsed Republican Candidate For Broward School Board

Text Message Supporting Brenda Fam

On Tuesday Broward voters received text messages implying a Parkland parents group supported a Republican candidate for the Broward School Board District 6 seat. The text message read, “Concerned Citizens, Endorse Brenda Farm!” First, the candidate is Brenda Fam, a Davie attorney. Her name is NOT Brenda Farm.

Second, note the use of the comma.

Concerned Citizens of Broward County is a prominent Facebook group with more than 5,400 members. Formed in the aftermath of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy, the group seeks to reform a myriad of issues within Broward Schools. Concerned Citizens of Broward County interviewed candidates and posted its endorsements last month.

The group did not endorse Fam. They endorsed her opponent, Steven Julian of Plantation.

This text message is the latest amateurish tactics intended to fool Broward voters.

Dale Holness and Marlon Bolton and the mystery palm cards.

Judicial candidate Chris Brown sending text messages from a cell phone used by his wife, Judge Mindy Brown.

Jacquelyn “Jackie” Scott getting nabbed with her opponent’s stolen yard signs on her property.

Broward deserves better candidates.

And candidates deserve better campaign staffers and vendors.

3 thoughts on “Amateurish Text Messages Imply Parkland Parents Group Endorsed Republican Candidate For Broward School Board

  1. boomerbabysage

    The examples are sadly all too numerous. Let us also not forget the fairly audacious fake candidate (Alex Rodriguez) that was bought & paid for in 2020 to run as a no-party candidate in a key Senate race out of Miami to purposely cause voters name confusion resulting in Ileana Garcia ultimately winning by just 30 votes over the incumbent also named Rodriguez. Criminal creativity seemingly knows no bounds.


  2. Jeanne Kacprzak

    It seems that “concerned citizens” is a common phrase. I just got this-I have no idea who it’s from

    Donna Korn Brings Best Results For Our Schools

    On August 23, voters will choose which candidates they want to represent students, parents, teachers and principals on the Broward School Board. We are a group of concerned citizens dedicated to electing a qualified and responsible school board. We care about the process, so we have joined together to make our concerns known and our voices heard.

    We are a diverse group, and we live in all parts of Broward County. We may be men and women and persons who represent diversity and may be republicans, democrats or of no party affiliation. If you are a voter like us, you want to do your civic duty, but have no idea who the candidates are. We do, however, want to share with you who we think is best qualified for the job.

    We’re not telling you how to vote, but we are telling you who is best qualified. Please vote early or vote election day. We recommend Donna Korn for Real Results For Our Schools

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