Need More Reasons Why Nick Sortal Is Unfit To Be Mayor Of Plantation?

Plantation Councilman Nick Sortal is a walking gaffe machine spewing out inappropriate sexual innuendos and racial remarks as he spirals out of control towards the November election for Mayor. Two weeks ago, some serious minded residents saw Sortal as serious politician. Today, Sortal conducts a Captain Queeg-esque campaign of vengeance against perceived enemies at the Sun-Sentinel and even City Hall.

Ahead of tonight’s council meeting at 6PM, multiple sources tell REDBROWARD that Sortal is desperate to find the source who leaked the Human Resources complaint by a City employee. REDBROWARD revealed Sortal made inappropriate sexual and racial remarks to a deputy clerk. Even though Sortal admitted to making the remarks, he called the whistleblower a liar in a Sun-Sentinel story.

Will Nick Sortal apologize tonight?

Will Nick Sortal attack his enemies, employees and even Mayor Lynn Stoner?

Emperor Nick Sortal has no clothes.

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